About Collection

ArtsOnDesk collection originates from inspiration that occurred in Midtown of New York City that desk accessories should be not only office tools but also works of art. That is why all of the products in ArtsOnDesk collection are designed as works of modern art. The collection is crafted by hand and uses high-quality materials with finest workmanship. The unique products in the collection are ready to meet the tremendous demands of the modern office life. Each time you reach for a pen from the remarkable holder, or take a business card from the beautiful card holder, or a piece of  tape from the extraordinary tape dispenser, you will enjoy it because the products do everything you need them to do while being elegant at the same time. Each item is distinctive and there is nothing comparable on the market today.

In addition each product carries a secret code consisting of 5 symbols, which provides some special meaning when it serves as a collectable. Decoding is provided in a small booklet with the product.

The products are protected by patents or patents applied for.

The ArtsOnDesk collection has great value in the product designs and usefulness. You will enjoy them when you use them and look at them yourself, as well as giving them as a perfect gift  for anyone – dad, mom, brothers, sisters, supervisors, colleagues, friends or relatives….

ArtsOnDesk, a must in the office.



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